5 Mid-Century Houses With a Pool You Will Want to Jump In

We’d like to introduce to you some of our favourite mid-century homes that feature a swimming pool.

It should come as no surprise that, besides the a New Orleans house by Curtis and Davis four of these homes are situated in California and three in Palm Springs. The hot desert climate privileged cool, fresh designs, with pale colour palettes, big open windows, and an all round feeling of the outdoors well inside the home.

But more than anything else, what cooled people down in these hot environment was the swimming pool.
The mid-century architects really knew how to make a straight statement with these pools: no adornment, clean and minimal, these are pools you simply want to jump in.

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1. Mid-century Modernist Home in Palm Springs by Stan Sackley

Unlike some of the previous Palm Springs houses, this house has a rather warm complexion. With wall to ceiling wood panelling in Douglas fir, the design also has a fullness of body that contrasts quite clearly with the cool white tones seen in previous houses we covered.

Stan Sackley Palm springs mid century home exterior front swimming pool

2. E. Stewart Williams’ Understated Palm Springs Modernism

E. Stewart Williams’ Kenaston House, situated in Rancho Mirage, is an immaculate example of the Palm Springs modernism.

Rancho Mirage E. Stewart Williams


3. A Frank Lloyd Wright inspired rustic retreat: the Anderson Residence

The Anderson Residence makes wonderful use of its surroundings. Located in Palos Verde, California, and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Aaron G. Green Architects’ have created a home that perfectly articulates the rough nature in which it is situated.

lance gerber studio Anderson Residence

4. Curtis and Davis’ Emerald St. Residence – Shining Once Again

Built in 1953, the house was originally designed by New Orleans-based Curtis and Davis Architects (comprising Nathaniel Cortlandt Curtis Jr. and Arthur Quentin Davis), the architectural partnership responsible for so-called New Orleans Modernism.

New Orleans Modernism by Curtis and Davis
5. Donald Wexler’s Smith Residence – Desert Modernism

The Smith Residence is a shining example of architect Donald Wexler’s desert modernism.
Situated in Palm Springs, California, Unites States, and completed in 1964, it is one of a number of homes that Wexler built in the area, where he worked almost exclusively.

Donald Wexler's Smith Residence exterior pool view