How Liz Moved In a 50% Smaller House Keeping All Her Furniture

This one is not only a nice, uncluttered, well organized, mid century modern apartment: this is THE real mid century modern home! 😀

The owner of this great early 20s century apartment, Liz, faced many common problems:

1. she had to figure out how to re-arrange the furniture from a previous, double big, apartment in the most functional way possible; storing the surplus

2. she wanted to have a comfy, cosy and functional mid century modern place

3. she rented an apartment and then had to manage the typical tenant challanges, like the untouchable walls.

That’s what Liz said at Apartmenttherapy about her house:

“(…)I had two and a half days to find a place to live. It was Easter weekend and pickings were slim. This duplex was the last place I looked at — it was a Craigslist longshot that turned out to be cleaner, cheaper and closer to all of Durham’s “good stuff,” (…).


(…)downsizing to a space almost half the size of my house was probably more exciting than I should admit. Most of my furniture was found over a few years of obsessively combing Craigslist and thrift stores, but I’m not above throwing in some Urban Outfitters (see: my couch. Solid wood and half-off? HELL yes.) or IKEA to keep it affordable and interesting. Even though I had started to buy more quality stuff, and amass some pretty unique older pieces, it was refreshing to have to reevaluate everything again.

I think this place is still my style, but distilled. (…) the size has pushed all my stuff together more, where I would’ve naturally spread it apart, making everything a bit cozier (in a good way).”

Why I do think this apartment is so inspiring?


Because we all had to manage challenges like Liz has done: moving to a new city, finding very quickly a new -and possibly decent- place trying to combine  a small space with the love for the mid century design and a tight budget; sounds familiar isn’t it? 😉

Liz doesn’t only found nice, and inspiring, solutions to these problems but also a perfect balance within the light, the available space and the colors…is really easy to mess up a small space.

The things I Love in this apartment:

  • the color palette of the living room, intimate, relaxing and welcoming
  • the contrast between the mustard seats and the white walls and curtains
  • the fifties inspired Ikea Stokholm coffe table in the living room, that’s a great match with the mid century sofa
  • the yellow dining chairs
  • the electrical stove
  • the white paper lanterns in the bed room that let you feel like you’re sleeping in a cloud
  • the not hanged frames
  • the DIY colored Ikea Frosta stool

Do you agree with me? What do you think is more inspiring?

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