Any suggestion to shade floor to ceiling windows?

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Seeking window treatment ideas…

We are in the final stages of remodeling our midcentury home. We need to put some windows on the front and in the bedrooms. The front of the house consist of utility Room, kitchen, dining, and formal. All, but the utility room window, can be seen from standing in our family room. At night we would definitely like privacy on the front of the house and during the day have the shades open or at least some sheers. What are your suggestions?

👉🏻Definately solar shades.

👉🏻We have a similar style set of full height windows on our mid century and had automatic roller shades installed. They pretty much disappear during the day while open and provide a lot of privacy at night. They open / close on a schedule or by remote control.

👉🏻You might consider cellular shades in a top down/bottom up configuration. They are clean, energy efficient, almost disappear when up and if you want privacy with a view of the sky you just keep them at 2/3 up from the bottom of the window.

👉🏻We did some basic white vertical blinds as placeholders and wound up keeping them. They’re inexpensive and we’re popular at the time.

👉🏻We, too, have a huge window beside our front door. Rather than investing in a shade or obstructing our daytime view, I put a screen in front of the window every evening. Works fine!

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