What to do with the rock area of my front entryway?

Photo Eil O’Leary

I’m hoping to get some advice or inspiration for what to do with the rock areas of my front entryway. As you can see it collects a lot of debris that is really impossible to get out. Underneath that overhand is a wind tunnel on breezy days. The rocks there have settled quite a bit. We really don’t like the rocks at all but can’t quite think of an alternative. 

👉🏻Maybe have more concrete poured on each side and have a sitting area on one side with potted plants there. Seems like that would make that area more user friendly and a cozy spot to hang out

👉🏻Not sure what grows in your area but I would mass plant mother in-laws tongues. Rigid and hardy so wind won’t bother them

👉🏻Yeah it’s obviously meant to be a planter. Some really nice lush and full shade plants under there would make it very welcoming. Mulch is a warmer feeling than gravel if you don’t like the gravel. Also, the wind-tunnel blowing leaves wouldn’t be noticed as much if there were dark brown mulch

👉🏻A bunch of hostas would look amazing in there. They are hardy, lush, come on a variety of colors and leaf sizes, and unless you have deer that would eat them, would be sooooo much better than the rocks. Heck, even if you had brave deer, they be better than the rocks

👉🏻I’d dig it all out, replace with good topsoil, plant a shade garden (hostas, lily of the valley, Japanese anemones, hakonechloa grass, and maybe a bonsai Japanese maple), and cover part of the soil in a decorative pattern with the large 4-6” flat river rocks in a light color that contrasts the brick.

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