What color shall I paint my wooden doors?

Photo Katy Fassett

We purchased a Sea Ranch inspired home designed by Thomas Moore. I have been agonizing over some interior doors that I would like to paint and would like your advice.

I’m thinking of painting the interior doors a light gray, steel color. Anyone done this? Any thoughts on how it may look. My desire is to break up some of the wood vibe.

👉🏻 I would go with a color but subdued. Maybe navy or Forrest green

👉🏻 My house has a lot of wood everywhere similar to yours. I pulled out the carpet and left concrete to make it feel more modern, less rustic. Really happy with the texture of concrete against the wood. 
I like the idea someone left above like a forest green or navy, I think that would look really calming.

👉🏻 I think grey would look awful. The doors are beautiful as is and the prettiest part of this picture. I would kill for those! Maybe a lighter stain? And new hardware. Some nice artwork on the walls would look amazing

👉🏻  Our entire house is wood from wall to ceiling. We have drywalled some of the upstairs bedrooms for the kids rooms and just kept the paint white to brighten it up.

👉🏻 The timber on the doors is awesome but it does look a little heavy. Maybe you could make them contrast with a dark or black stain? But I also agree with Siobhan Ayres Go grey, but a warm grey, not a stark grey. And add some black in there somewhere, maybe the hardware.

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