Alternatives to replace large windows in a midcentury house?

Photo Marianne Hite

Anyone have a difficult time replacing large original windows? We want to replace the front windows (hurricane proof) but do not want to break them up.

👉🏻I wouldn’t recommend it. I would recommend some kind of shutter or something you could close to protect the originals.

👉🏻We had our single pane fixed glass replaced by a local glass company in conjunction with our general contractors’ trim specialist. Expensive, yes, we did a few as we could afford. But preserved the style and matched the woodwork.

👉🏻The three nice things about epoxy terrazzo floors is.. the weight… the resistance to cracking….and that it doesent transfer temperature as easy…cold floors.

👉🏻Make sure you call a glass company that does commercial work. Many residential specialists can’t/won’t do it.

👉🏻Ours had to be custom by a commercial manufacturer. Not cheap but the only good option. Also tempered.

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