Arper - Steeve sofa

About The Product

Arper’s Steeve is a modern, modular system imagined for the refined home. Customizable in a wide range of fabrics, leathers and finishes, Steeve’s three versatile components –– bench, armchair and sofa and relative modules –– can be arranged to accommodate any interior space allowing for countless configurations.

Steeve’s silhouette is solid and architectural while at the same time appearing slender, light and volumetric.

Arper - Steeve armchair

About The Designer

The Steeve line was designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, a French designer who worked with major brands such as Axor, Cassina, Christofle and Poliform.

His quest for lightness – in matters of essence – synthesize three broader stakes: individual and collective fulfillment, economic and industrial efficiency, and environmental concerns. His creations, whether speculative or pragmatic, explore this imperative paradigm: reconciling pleasure with responsibility, the individual with the collective.

Arper - Steeve armchair

About The Manufacturer

Arper is an Italian family owned company producing furniture for home, collective and work spaces. They create pieces with humans and their needs at heart.

The focus of the company, which approaches the design of its products with curiosity and sensitivity, expresses itself through a special focus on color and flexibility, in a constant research of a balance between form and function.

Arper - Steeve armchair

Why We Like It

The Steeve collection is as eclectic as it gets. From size to colors and materials, the set of sofas and armchairs can be mixed and matched for spaces aiming to different uses – from living rooms to office spaces – with ease.

Even though the design is based on a rational and – to some – uninviting shape, the thoughtful mix of materials, padding and colors, make both the sofa and armchair a truly customizable and welcoming piece of furniture facilitating social interaction.