Who Said That Students’ Houses Have to Be Ugly?

Our lives, that’s what our houses should be about and tell.

When I visit/see a house I try to understand  a bit about the story of its owner and not only if it is decorated with nice mid-century furniture or is an architecture masterpiece. That’s why I immediately loved this house!

Hilda is a 23 y.o. photographer and design student who lives in Malmö  -check also A Modern Mid-Century House in Sweden  to see another amazing house tour from Malmö- with a passion for thrifting and mid-century furniture.

The apartment is from the 70s and very small -the first time she saw it, looked more like a shoes box she said- but Hilda made it really cozy and full of amazing findings from the local thrift stores.

Hilda is also a DIY addicted, she made the lamp close to the kitchen window stripping off the original -ugly, she says- fabric and spraying the whole  structure: great result 🙂

My favorite pieces are the small 50s sofa in the living room and the wall clock close to the yellow lamp; I had exactely the same in my parents’ house!

The pics say much more than I can write so…enjoy them and let me know in the comments what you liked more of the Hilda’s small apartment!

Hilda Grahnat has also a photography blog where she posted more nice pics about her house, have a look at it as well 😉

Hungry for more amazing mid century modern decorated houses? Check the Mid Century Modern Homes Page! 

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(pics via apartmenttherapy)

Thanks for reading and ciao!