A Desert Contemporary House, Gets The Midcentury Treatment

This luxurious single story residence in the heart of Palm Springs, California, takes in the breathtaking mountain views and honors a connection to the landscape with subtlety and sophistication.

Completed in 2009, the Sagebrush Residence by Studio ARD, prides itself in modern home architecture principles and does not shy away from bright, open interior, connection to the surrounding landscape and a more sustainable and comfortable quality of living.

Modern Sagebrush Residence - Studio ard architect - exterior night

The front of the residence sets the tone for an unshakeable connection to the landscape; grey tiles leading up to the house complement the surrounding mountain views while beige tiling of the home’s front and cacti sprouting out of the sand laid out in front of the home evoke an impression of the desert. The beautiful mountain range rises from behind, shrouding the modern retreat into seclusion.

Sagebrush Residence - Studio ARD - dining area

On the other side, a private backyard of the home features a large swimming pool with an attached spa. The pool lights up to a beautiful sky blue color in the night.

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Matching with the dark blue sky, one can let the mind wander in the stillness of the night and from the privacy of the backyard, still fully immerse with the surrounding landscape. Sun chairs around the pool deck are perfect for sunbathing or stargazing by night, next to a fire pit and a dining area for entertaining guests.

Inside of the home, polished light colored marble floors create a sleek look that is met with elegant beige and deep brown cupboards, coffee and dining table in the living room. Every interior detail has been carefully selected to fit the aesthetic as a whole.

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Floor-to-ceiling windows line the living room with the exception of a beige brick wall segment with a modern built in fireplace and large mirror to ornament the wall. Keeping up with a colour palette that is harmonious with the living room, an open concept kitchen extends from the living space.

Sagebrush Residence - Studio ARD - dining area

What really throws this building into the modern day are the style and elegance of the modern decors influencing every room of the house. Clutter is kept to a minimum with built in closets and plentiful storage space in the bedrooms and bathrooms. The master bedroom entertains a king sized bed, floor-to-ceiling mirror with a built in fireplace next to access to the pool through glass doors, and an ensuite bathroom featuring a walk in rain shower.

Covering 2,100 square-feet, this Sagebush modern retreat features all the luxuries you could want to step away from the bustle of the city to enjoy beautiful mountain views in the comfort of your own privacy while remaining close to shops, restaurants and various other conveniences nearby.



Sagebrush Residence - Studio ARD - KITCHENSagebrush Residence - Studio ARD - exterior backSagebrush Residence - Studio ARD - exterior frontSagebrush Residence - Studio ARD - exterior front

Photos via Studio-ARD